Electus Matari Logo

Electus Matari is a pro-Republican, anti-slavery alliance. Member entities of Electus Matari are independent corporations loyal to the Minmatar Republic, all seeking in their ways to secure and develop the Republic in order to support her people, her government, and her military forces. Our main area of operations covers all tribal lands: Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath, Great Wildlands, and occasionally also Derelik.

Electus Matari fights pirates, pro-slavery corporations, high-security bullies, and the Triglavian and Blood Raider threats in our space, and participates in campaigns in the Minmatar Militia.

If you wish to contact Electus Matari, use channel “Public - EM” (MOTD has current diplomatic information).

If our hunters fired at you, it is most likely because your organization has been set red for piracy/slavery/other crimes, were on a suspect timer and not blue, or otherwise appeared a threat. Please contact diplomats for specifics. We reimburse kills made in error and against our RoE. Standard terms for blue with Electus Matari include:

  • mutual blues only
  • no piracy, extortion, unprovoked attacks on peaceful traffic, or other crimes in tribal space (Heimatar, Metropolis, Molden Heath, Great Wildlands)
  • no co-operation with the Amarr Empire or entities loyal to it
  • blue implies “we do not shoot you, you do not shoot us”; it is not a guarantee of aid or support beyond that

Electus Matari is composed of the following organizations, if you're interested in learning more and joining one of our corporations please click on the appropriate corporation below:

Gradient SoE Roughriders Huang Yinglong Minmatar Munitions
Recruitment: Closed Recruitment: Open Recruitment: Open Recruitment: ?
Specializes in: Specializes in: Small Gang PvP Specializes in: Specializes in: Industry
Clan Ogunkoya Amandla Legion Arcane Odyssey Scrap Iron Flotilla Cretus Incendium
Recruitment: ? Recruitment: ? Recruitment: ? Recruitment: ? Recruitment: Closed
Specializes in: Specializes in: Specializes in: Specializes in: Specializes in:

Have you recently joined an Electus Matari corporation? Head to and follow the instructions to set up your access to internal services.

If you are a new member of Electus Matari it is important that you read the new member orientation under the Electus Matari secure section.