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CEO Asvard Ogunkoya
Diplomat Asvard Ogunkoya, Arnulf Ogunkoya
Recruiter Asvard Ogunkoya, Arnulf Ogunkoya
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The interstellar trading & contact point for Clan Ogunkoya of the Brutor Tribe.

A Clan for the Clanless.

The Ogunkoya are a clan of the Brutor tribe, but are not unduly worried about the bloodline of an applicant. What we do seek is a wish to protect and enrich the Minmatar Republic. A link to the Republic's military is preferred.

A Minmatar, now more than ever, is defined by their clan and tribe. But some of us were not born and raised inside traditional tribal society and so can have problems finding a voice amongst more well established clans. This is a place for you to have that voice.

See Asvard Ogunkoya or Arnulf Ogunkoya for details. Alternatively join our public comms channel OGUN Public

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