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Arcane Odyssey is a combat first oriented corporation that operates under Anti-Pirate Rules of Engagement.

We are based on a highsec Island in the Molden Heath region of Minmatar Republic space.

What do we have to offer?

  • Leadership experienced both in game and out.
  • A community that is both friendly and respectful.
  • TS3 Voice Coms.
  • Access to PVP with experienced FC’s.
  • Access to our industrial machine to vetted members.
  • Membership with experience in all things EVE

Why are we based on this highsec island?

  • The Island is near two nullsec regions of space (Etherium Reach/The Great Wildlands)
  • The Island is surrounded by hostiles often providing a target rich environment.
  • The Island has both Ice and Ore belts for our industrial machine.
  • The Island offers access to level 1-4 mission agents through the Vherokior Tribe.

We at Arcane Odyssey are not interested in recruiting only for the sake of growth. We believe in quality over quantity and would like to continue bringing in members of like minds.

If any of this sounds like it may be a place for you please contact Si Karde now and say hello.

Si Karde CEO/Diplo/Recruiter Justapikey Director/Diplo/Recruiter

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