SoERR recruitment information

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CEO Elsebeth Rhiannon
Diplomat <N/A>
Recruiter <N/A>
Public Channel SoE Roughriders

SoE Roughriders is a small (roleplaying) corporation, currently and for the foreseeable future flying in and for the Electus Matari alliance. Our main function is to provide small-gang combat support for EM operations. We are currently looking to increase our numbers slightly, but we look for quality over quantity and always will. We need pilots who are interested in combat, able to read and follow written instructions, and willing to take risks in order to learn by doing. While there is some corporation isk and equipment available, each pilot is expected to be independent in their operations for these purpose.

  • interested in small-scale (1-50 ships) combat operations in high/low/null and/or supporting this with resources
  • able to at least listen, preferably also speak, on voice (see below for practicalities)
  • able to stick to a (mostly) NRDS RoE and to tolerate both highly active wars and periods of low activity
  • reasonably intelligent, that is, capable of following instructions and learning from experience
  • free of loyalties to entities hostile to the Minmatar Republic
  • able to sustain and enjoy an immersive RP experience, even if not into theatrical dramaz themselves
  • already well-versed in combat
  • an ardent Republic / Minmatar loyalist, as long as you are not explicitly hostile
  • certain if this is for you - a trial period is just fine, as is coming and going
  • limited amount of corporation ships and isk for your use + a ship replacement program for certain alliance operations
  • sense of purpose for your explosions
  • a relaxed & small-scale but still professional environment
  • on-the-job training
  • a mature, friendly, family- and work-compatible community with zero tolerance on racism, sexism, homophobia etc
  • an immersive RP experience based on things actually happening in the game
  • guaranteed action all the time (though you will be allowed to hunt reds and we have plenty of those on the FW zone)
  • all your expenses covered
  • regular corp-provided RP events or stories other than what individual players make for themselves and others

Operations are concentrated in tribal space and the war front, ie Heimatar, Molden Heath, Metropolis, Great Wildlands, and parts of Devoid / Bleak Lands. EM is currently most active during what they call '3rd shift' (1st Shift: 06:00 - 14:00, 2nd Shift: 14:00 - 22:00, and 3rd Shift: 22:00 - 06:00 EVT) with some spill-over to late 2nd & early 3rd. There are no mandatory operations. Main alliance 3rd party communication channel is Mattermost. Voice is on mostly Mumble with some Discord and TeamSpeak added in for allies. You will have to be able to use these to fully participate. Alpha clones are welcome to apply, but be advised you will be limited in your capability to fully participate on operations.

While SoERR itself does not require loyalty to any particular nation state, our alliance command is Minmatar Republic loyalist, and current alliance policies apply to SoERR. This means, basically, that loyal Mary need not bother, but other than that we don't expect you to be a card-carrying tribalist, even if the CEO is a little nuts that way.

Corporation chat is always in-character and everything you do in the game will be assumed to be done in character too. This means you cannot play eg a mighty combat pilot unless you actually know pvp. “In-character” does not mean you have to talk fancy or be involved in personal stories all the time; it merely means talk about in-game things on the IC channels and about Game of Thrones and your RL boss being an asshole on a separate out-of-character chat we provide. We cater primarily to adult players with lives & families, which means no mandatory operations but also no guaranteed content. OOC racism, sexism, and homophobia will not be tolerated.