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CEO Ravemore Achnuman
Diplomat <N/A>
Recruiter <N/A>
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Our Home Station is Eystur III - Moon 2, Quafe Company Factory. Coms are required for Fleet participation.
No Amarrians… We will beat you up and take your lunch money.
Currently hiring: Security Specialists, Explorers, Industrialists, Logi, and Miners. If interested, submit an application. We will accept NewBros.

Minmatar Munitions has a focus on the following areas:

  • Support of Electus Matari
  • Anti-piracy and Anti-Trig
  • Mining Director, Orca, and Porpoise Fleet Support. Moon Mining Refinery in Hek
  • Industrial and Market Activities - Freighters & Bowhead for moving bulk materials.
  • Industrial Complex (Azbel) with market, Raitaru T-2 Rigged for ammo
  • PVE, PVP, Abyssal Deadspace
  • High Sec and Low Sec Space
  • Light Roleplay
  • 1,100 Unique Corp BPO's useable by members
  • SRP, Rank, Bounties

OOC Information

Age 18 and older. Must speak english. Must have Discord for Corp and Teamspeak for Alliance.

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