Ticker GRD
CEO Challis Drant, Debes Sparre
Diplomat <N/A>
Recruiter Ferista Nhey
Public Channel Gradient

If you are interested in joining, please join our public channel “Gradient”, send a message to 'Ferista Nhey', and complete the application.

We are looking for pilots interested in supporting the Minmatar Republic

Gradient is a corporation loyal to the Minmatar Republic. We are a professional unit of capsuleers supporting the Republic by creating a strong industrial backbone as well as a strong combat force. Our industrial operations span the whole Republic, and our combat operations fight pirates, Amarrian Empire loyalists, Slavers, and other criminals. Gradient is composed of pilots from all across the universe, while many are tribal Matari we also have expats from the State, Federation, and even the Empire - we work together towards ensuring the Republic will flourish and be protected.

What We Require From Our Pilots

  • Willingness to work towards the betterment and support success of the Minmatar Republic
  • Willingness to adhere to our rules and regulations
  • Willingness to constantly learn and aim to be good at what you do
  • Willingness to learn how to operate during war times; we are often at war, and pride ourselves in our industrial activities not being affected much by that

What We Offer

  • An established corp with a lot of freedom to work with other pilots or alone to implement your own ideas and dreams
  • No mandatory duties
  • Regular industrial and combat operations
  • Regular jobs requiring commitment for those who want them
  • Advice and teaching in all aspects of a Capsuleer's life

What We Do Not Offer

  • Financing. While the corporation and alliance provide various ways to support you financially, those should be seen as a bonus, not as a requirement. You are expected to be self-sufficient.
  • Guaranteed entertainment. While there are regular operations and jobs available, you should not rely on those as the only means to entertain yourself.
  • Plans for null-sec space. While we do sometimes fly to null space and conduct sporadic operations, in particular Great Wildlands, we are a corporation loyal to the Minmatar Republic. Our place is the Republic, and we have no plans whatsoever to change that.

Out Of Character Information: Gradient is a roleplaying (RP) corporation. Our characters act as if they really live in the EVE universe (as opposed to playing a game). We enjoy roleplay in the immersive style. All our channels, including Corp and Alliance, are “in-character” (IC) unless specifically stated otherwise and we play our characters in them. The main focus of our roleplay is on our characters who slowly develop and build interconnections related to events that happen during gameplay. Our characters are ordinary people from the EVE universe employed by Gradient, a Republic loyalist capsuleer corporation - a professional unit of a nation at war. If you would like to join us, please make your character realistically employable. To maintain our setting, we cannot hire obvious enemy spies, aspiring action heroes or characters from other fiction. The main goal of the corporation is to provide an RP environment for mature people with lives. This also means that we believe in “RL > EVE” and will not hold it against you if your real life restricts your ability to play EVE in any way. You can find further explanations on our type of RP on the alliance forums. We do not require previous RP experience, but we do require you to be interested in roleplaying.

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